Paper Tiger?


The New Albany Historic Preservation Commission voted this evening to permit the demolition of the early 1900s building acquired by St. Mark’s UCC, which presently occupies the southeast corner of East Spring and Bank streets.

As reported to NAC, voting to permit the demolition were chairman Ted Fulmore, Vicky Nugent, the Cedar Bough rep (Randy???), and Maury Goldberg. Opposing the motion were Brandon Smith, Mark Sanders, and Bill Transue. Members Scharlow and Barksdale did not register votes.

We open the thread for discussion, if not speculation, as to how the commission came to this judgment. Reports say that Mr. Smith made an impassioned and logical defense of the ordinance, but was unable to persuade a majority.

Comments at this point by members would be welcomed, especially now that there is no pending vote before the commission with regard to the St. Mark’s intent.

I believe it is safe to say that the editors of NAC are disappointed, and for now, we leave further commentary to our readers.