Scripture-spouting bigots convene to support nutzoid congressional candidate.


Last Monday, NAC held its figurative nose and offered this story from Dayton, Tennessee:

Tennessee congressional hopeful goes nutzoid; credits Jesus, Davy Crockett for inspiring her loathsome bigotry.

Helen forwards this “ugly” update: Griffin’s arrest attracts protesters: for and against.

Dunlap residents Jerry Layne and Billy Joe Stockwell drove to the Rhea County Courthouse on Monday to show their support for local Christian activist June Griffin and to express their disdain for illegal Mexican immigrants.

Griffin was arrested last week and arraigned on charges of civil rights intimidation, telephone harassment, theft and vandalism at a downtown Hispanic grocery store.

Of course, it’s not just Dayton, Tennessee. The “street evangelist” holding the sign in the photo could reside anywhere in the United States … and regardless of locale, be just as entirely mistaken.

Apparently Bible-based bigotry is something that never goes out of fashion. Thanks to Helen for sharing. The discussion thus engendered is valuable, indeed.