Sorry, but apparently they stayed at the Hampton Inn last night.


NA Confidential just learned that noted filmmaker Oliver Stone has unexpectedly skipped the opening of his latest film, “World Trade Center,” choosing instead to travel to New Albany in preparation for filming “Sewer: Potty Police Pajama Party,” with a screenplay by R. Monets.

Stone was spotted sitting on a park bench by the Robert E. Lee lift station in the company of co-stars Kevin Costner and Donald Sutherland. An unidentified elderly woman appeared to be detailing the extent of the conspiracy behind New Albany’s well-documented sewage disposal woes.

Denzel Washington, who lives somewhere in Floyds Knobs, will perform in the film, and it is rumored that Dame Judi Dench also will appear as the muckraking blogger, Prof. Erika.

3rd District councilman Steve Price has expressed cautious optimism that Stone’s new movie will let the world know that New Albany is open for business with absentee landlords throughout the country – that is, after someone miraculously intervenes to repair the sewers without it costing the citizens of New Albany a single red cent.

Me? I think LBJ did it.


Tonight’s city council meeting agenda has been posted at the clerk’s website.

If your child wishes to buttress the college fund by serving lemonade, tonight’s the night to set up out in the corridor … Posted by Picasa