They do seem to be swarming this time of year.


Who said that “smart growth” is the exclusive province of capable people who can spell their own names correctly?

Here’s a platform for economic development and political stability advanced by none other than Erika, New Albany’s palsied poseur – who isn’t really a college professor of history and economics, but just plays one on a blog.

We at Freedom Of Speech believe in Bologna, White Castles,White Chili, Budweiser Beer and good ole grassroot politics. We believe the person who is qualified gets our vote.

Were all from the old school of Politics. When your promises is kept. And your word stands for something!

And most of all we believe in “Karl Rove.”

‘Nuff said, Erika.

That’s a powerful statement of modernity. Are we to assume that your handler/mentor approved of this comment before publication on the dry erase board above the weathered urinals at the Luddite Bar & Grill?

I think she knows better. Posted by Picasa