Culpable? or We Hardly Knew Ye


In the hullabaloo surrounding the Scribner Place Redevelopment Project, it’s instructive to recall that until about a month ago, the YMCA never seemed to have any urgency or concern about the project happening. The leaders of the YMCA effort have almost continually acted as if the project was a foregone conclusion. Has the “no worries” attitude come back to bite them (and all of us in the bargain)?

Although quotes in the C-J, when offered up through the auspices of the GFNA stenographer, are often unreliable, Y director Joe LaRocca is reported to have offered up this revealing quote:

“Why would it be the end of the world if you put it out for bid again?” A cost factor of from $1.7 (C-J) to $3 (Estopinal Group) million may not be the end of the world, Joe, but it’s the end of Scribner Place and the best chance this county has ever had to save its core. I wish you had thought of that sooner. It may not be the end of your world, but it is the end of something.

In case you hadn’t heard, the YMCA’s Bobby McFerrin approach to their responsibilities has, according to the GFNA, scuttled the Scribner Place project. We know who is directly to blame, but this negligence on the part of the Y is a betrayal from “within.” If true, it goes down as the blackest of days for New Albany, and those whose obstructionism brought us to this had better be building their electoral war chests posthaste.

On a personal note, I want to offer up my sense of deepest admiration for those who have fought and fought and fought to make Scribner Place a reality. Your efforts will not be forgotten.

What now happens to those pledges made to build the YMCA? Is the non-profit prepared to refund donations and absolve the pledges, or will they just take their money and pour it into the Jeffersonville Y? Or worse, will they opt for a suburban palace with a parking lot filled with Chevy Subdivisions?