C-J says, “Signs of revival in New Albany”; GFNA stunned.


It’s hard to imagine the Gang of Four News Agency approving publication of this piece in the morning Courier-Journal, but we’re happy the stenographer managed to slip the Kochertian’s iron leash:

Signs of revival in New Albany; Downtown coming back, some say, by Ben Zion Hershberg (short shelf life for C-J links).

Liz Wilson moved her Liz at Home interior design store from Sellersburg to a historic building on Main Street in New Albany. “I wanted to go back to where my heart is,” said Wilson, a New Albany native. “And get in on the bandwagon with the revitalization of downtown.” With a popular new restaurant around the corner and new development planned nearby, Wilson is excited about the future.

Elsewhere in the blogosphere, the denizens of New Albany’s thoroughly retro Luddite Bar & Grill have belatedly taken notice of the notion that there might be such a thing as downtown revitalization, and accordingly, the habitual naysayers there are busily locating convenient targets to blame (mostly anonymously, of course) for their own unwillingness to pay attention all these years.

Verily, there are numerous keys to success in any human endeavor, but the prime motivating factor certainly must be confidence in one’s abilities to achieve. Of this, far too many “anti’s” hereabouts have little to none. Meanwhile, the revitalization dialogue has been taking place at NA Confidential for more than two years, so apparently the maxim remains valid: You can lead a trog to information — but you can’t make him/her think.