Continuing the discussion: What prevents us from “joining hands,” and where to go from here?


Thanks for the discussion during the past few days.

If you missed it, go to the comments section here: UPDATED: A discussion: What is preventing us from joining hands?

A few moments ago, Tabitha posted this comment:

I actually attended a sample study circle last night at New Directions. It was simple and powerful. I think that it would be a useful process for this area as we need to communicate if we truly want to come together to work toward common goals with a collective vision. I believe that we need to look at the larger issues that cause many of our “problems.” I agree with what others have mentioned. Garbage is not the core issue. The problem of garbage will be addressed if we work on the larger issues. We need to look at our “problems” as symptoms of larger issues including poverty and urban sprawl. I know that many people know this. I just feel the need to repeat this again after the discussion at New Directions last night.

May we continue the discussion here?