UPDATED: A discussion: What is preventing us from joining hands?


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There has been a spirited discussion, both on line and off, since NAC’s Tuesday posting on alleyway filth, garbage non-collection, non-partisan political spinelessness, the timeless slumlord protection program, and other enduring components of the New Albany Syndrome.

See: PHOTO UPDATE: Meaningful civic renewal: Invasive, not evasive.

I’m moving the most recent comment here, to this new posting, in the hope that a discussion will ensue.

A Democrat in Floyd County said…

NewAlbanian, How can we get a new “code enforcement officer”, a new “para-legal” for Shane’s office, and “new” Building Commissioner — and this stuff is still going on?I noticed they took down that Condemned sign too over on Market.

What gives? We’ve tried for ten years, to the point where my husband and I were slandered on the front page of the newspaper for trying to clean up one of the worse houses in NA. It’s glued to my fridge (from it’s old days) because of age. Couldn’t get it off if I tried. New Alb Annie isn’t kidding when she says there are a bunch of us that started trying to clean this mess up starting ten years ago, and we’re still going.

It’d be nice if we could all join hands because we really want the same thing — clean up New Albany.

It’s a question asked by many at present.

Why are we not joining hands in this most worthwhile of neighborhood crusades?