Excellent C-J review for Bistro New Albany.


Thinking back to Wednesday night, even though Chef Dave’s hunch about the walleye proved to be prescient, it doesn’t detract from a three-star restaurant review in today’s Courier-Journal.

Bistro New Albany: Bold Bistro: Most dishes click at New Albany’s new spot, by Marty Rosen (Special to The Courier-Journal).

That courtyard easily ranks among the most attractive al fresco settings in the region …

… And two months after opening, Bistro New Albany is turning out some fine dishes. After a few visits, I found I didn’t always agree with the chefs’ choices, but every meal has been full of bold flavors.

It’s a fair and overwhelmingly positive review, and congratulations are due partners Dave Himmel and (Chef) Dave Clancy for breathing new life into the corner of Market and Bank.