Déjà vu: Is Bunning Kentucky’s Coffey? Or is Coffey our Bunning?


Is there any more embarrassing a regional political non-entity than Jim Bunning?

Bunning: New York Times committed treason with story; information helps terrorists, he says, by James R. Carroll (short shelf life for Courier-Journal links).

Bunning has said he doesn’t read newspapers, but his spokesman said the senator “relies on far more reliable sources for his news than The New York Times, but did read the article after seeing reports of this treasonous act.”

Although Bunning doesn’t read, he still knows, and this sounds bizarrely like something I was told a year and a half ago:

NA Confidential vs. NA Incontinent at Monday’s City Council meeting (Tuesday, February 08, 2005).

Coincidentally, Dan Coffey does not read Blogs because “anyone can hide behind the keyboard,” but by means of osmosis or the Vulcan mind meld, he purports to know exactly what is written in NA Confidential …

… By his own admission, he doesn’t read, but also by his own admission, he is one of the select group able to understand the money, who controls the purse strings of the city, who knows how things get done, who certainly doesn’t need the advice of mere “complainers” who should know their place in the back of the cosmos bus …

… The meeting room was quiet as the Wizard of Westside self-destructed.

Then, having encapsulated the most virulent form of New Albany’s native disease in far more eloquent fashion than has been attempted in NA Confidential or any other repository of the written word, Dan Coffey ceased his diatribe.

As a reminder, we have a city council meeting coming up this Monday, July 3, and that means the council Gang of Four is hard at work preparing its own version of reactionary, sect-pleasing fireworks to precede Bullet Bob’s riverfront record-shattering rock ‘n’ roll idyll on the nation’s birthday.

Will the city survive the Gang’s loving clutches? Stay tuned.