UPDATED: By request … views of St. Marks, the corner property and environs.


Earlier in the week, we stole a glance as St. Marks mulls the future of its property at the SE corner of Spring and Bank.*

Follow the link and see the “comments” to read what the church’s senior pastor, John Manzo, wrote with respect to the building’s future disposition.

Several readers asked for a photo of the property in question. Here is is , looking in a southeasterly direction from the corner of Bank and Spring:

Shifting to a view toward the southwest, here’s the main part of the church and the old bank building:

Looking to the south from the corner of 3rd and Spring, we see St. Marks parking on the east side of 3rd:

Shifting to a Market Street vantage point, the vistas to the north and west reveal large tracts of cleared urban land surrounding the church on two sides:

A final note: According to information in the church newsletter, it has received an offer for the bank building from a legal firm — not, as some persist in believing, from local food and drink entrepreneurs. It is important to understand that the bank building is next to useless for those contemplating entertainment that includes adult-friendly libations, as it would be impossible to obtain an alcoholic beverage sales license from the state of Indiana owing to the building’s close proximity to the church.


* Thanks to Bluegill for the aerial view (via Google Earth).