ABBA Rules!


I was guzzling my coffee this morning in anticipation of today’s installment of “The DanVinci Code” when the ol’ CD player began cranking out a killer classic from the aforementioned Swedish supergroup.

The single couldn’t have been more appropriate to what I read in today’s edition of The Tribune.

The ongoing self-destruction of the Siamese Councilmen takes yet another turn, and Dancing Queen serves as the accompaniment.

Headline: State says no to extra audit; Council will look into finances first

No rumors circulating, just good reporting by Eric Scott Campbell. Here are a few excerpts:

An official for the State Board of Accounts, which audits New Albany’s finances each year, said Tuesday he does not recommend the city hire an accounting firm for an independent audit as the City Council voted on Thursday to do.

CM’s Coffey, Price, Schmidt, Kochert, and Blevins demonstrated again their inability to understand their jobs, but won the day with their majority vote. Disregard the fact that the resolution was muddled, nonspecific, and unfunded. Somebody told them the audit called for an extra audit. Somebody was wrong.

“We wouldn’t recommendt that they get an independent audit because that’s exactly what we do,” said Mike Bozymski, deputy state examiner.

Under prevailing rules at the Big Lots of conspiracy theories, Bozymski must be on the take. Anyone holding actual knowledge of the law and expressing it would, under those rules, be crooked.

Mayor Garner and his administration, among a cast of thousands who were baffled by Coffey’s insistence that his expertise trumped that of the sentient populace, stand vindicated today.

And the Gang of Five are dancing. Dancing away from this wrong-headed proposition as fast as they can.