Erika: Grammar and usage declared optional during Year Zero.


Over at Freedom to Screech, Erika the masked academic poseur has been hard at it since last Thursday’s council meeting. Here’s another classic of erudition from the pretender.



One single taxpayer stood before last nights City Council Members and ask the one question most everyone in New Albany wants to know.

Valla Ann Bolovschak ask:Where is our money?


The question that NAC wants to ask is: “Where’s the past tense, Erika?

That’d be the “-ed” suffix, in case you’re wondering.

Did the Mayor steal the past tense? Did the numerological fairy forget to include it in your template of bile? Did you leave it in CM Price’s mailbox in the social science department at Imaginary University?

Hmm, they must have failed to include the past tense in the curriculum for “non-existent college professors of political science” back when Truman was president.

Another question is: “Which time zone/dimension/planet do you occupy?”

Erika, your post is dated Thursday, June 15 – the same date as the council meeting to which you refer as “last nights,” and a previous post praising the Thursday night performance of 3rd District Uncouncilman Steve Price is dated Monday, June 12 – or, three days before the meeting in question.

Best go back to your fairy princess for more schooling, Erika. But don’t tarry too long in the magic kingdom – it’s going to be very painful for you when you’re no longer needed to serve as a human shield for the ambitions of others.