I(We)’ll Take That Bet


The drama queens behind Monday night’s kabuki theater exhibition, in which gaudily painted Gang-bangers proposed to flout the moral obligations they swore to uphold, are placing a big wager.

It is their contention that the people of New Albany are fools. They are counting on the people to ignore the reality that the municipal sewer enterprise is – like most city services – and has been starved to a point where its mere survival is at risk.

They apparently believe that New Albanians (or at least those who vote) will fall for every lie they trot out.

Tell you what, Gang. This writer and this publication will take that bet. You go ahead with your little game and we’ll see you at the ballot box in May.

And if you stick your heads out of your holes long enough, don’t be surprised to see the thinking people knocking on doors, manning the phones, and stuffing envelopes in your neighborhood much sooner than that.