UPDATED: Something to Drink About this Weekend


With weekend layouts largely set, and no Monday edition, here’s all that will be forthcoming from the Tribune:

Councilman proposes redirecting funds to sewers, by Eric Scott Campbell (News & Tribune).



It’s come to my attention that the thinking folks in the community are being asked to work overtime this weekend. It seems the depilatory duo (starts with Coffey and ends with Price) are plotting to both halt the Scribner Place project by robbing the community of it’s only real investment in downtown redevelopment in most of our lifetimes and to use a one-time EDIT refund to continue propping up a still financially failing sewer operation in a cowardly maneuver that neither puts the utility on firm footing nor meets the stipulations of the over $40 million sewer finance plan, thereby putting the community at risk of being found in default of its bond agreement, meaning that the entire sum would be due and collectable immediately.

Why? Because they’re afraid to tell you the truth about the details of an agreement that some of them signed off on.

In the meantime, Mayor Garner will be whiling away the weekend in a desperate attempt to figure out how to foist a small bit of reading comprehension (the type of words that appear in legally binding documents for instance) onto the community at large, who by all rights should’ve been familiar with the information months ago.

And you can be sure that Randy Stumler, in his capacity as Chairman of the Floyd County Democrats, will have no official comment on the situation because, according to him, the Democratic Party as a whole has no business taking stances on local issues. It might mean putting what he perceives to be the good of the community before party loyalty and where would we be with that kind of honesty?

All this comes to a head (again and again and again) at Monday night’s City Council meeting at 7:30 on the third floor of the City County Building. In local parlance, that’s known as a gut check. I’m sure one of my editorial brethren will be along shortly to explain the nuances of the situation(s) in more detail.

Me? I’m going out drinking until I can recognize some semblance of sanity in town. See you in rehab.