Ho, hum — Erika tells lies through her prof’s mask … again.


Earlier this week, the anonymous person or persons who publish the “Freedom of Speech” blog posted this odd statement of psychosis:

Freedom Of Speech
Will not Lower Our Standards
to Reply, or to Defend
any Fact or Opinion.

Read the preceding again, and remember that the anonymous person or persons who publish the “Freedom of Speech” blog wish for you to believe that it is the work of a “college professor.”

Note the capitalization. Observe the inference that there is a level somehow lower than “Erik’s” current station at rock bottom.

Marvel in the humor that is to be derived from those who espouse “freedom of speech” without the possibility of discussion, lament the absence of the irony gene therein, and feel free to express embarrassment that all this is emanating from a person or persons who desire so fervently to be taken seriously that he, she or they is willing to fabricate an identity for that purpose.

The most recent posting on the “Freedom of Speech” blog includes this gem:

Freedom Of Speech knows the bottom line is this: TAXPAYERS do we need our sewers fixed or do we need a swimming pool and a brewery on Main Street?

Forget for a moment that “all or nothing” is a fairly common fallacy amongst the less educated segments of the blogosphere, although of course you’d expect better from a “college professor,” except for the obviously inconvenient fact that the college professor does not exist.

Can anyone clue me in as to what a brewery has to do with a swimming pool, Scribner Place, or the city’s sewers?

Can anyone provide evidence that a brewery has been planned, or is being planned, for any location downtown?

Why does Erika insist on telling lies?

And isn’t it cowardly to tell lies while wearing a mask?

What is it again that any responsible person in the city of New Albany hopes to contribute to the general betterment of the population by assuming a false identity, donning a hood, and telling lies?

Erika must be very, very scared of people like me — people who don’t assume false identities, don hoods and tell lies, and to be honest, I’m very, very proud of that fact.

Looks like my parents raised me right, after all.