A Question for the Community


A recent conversation has led to conflicting ideas about the collective realities that make up New Albany and Floyd County. Simply put, when I speak with local politicians, their perceptions of public awareness and attitude don’t seem to jive with my own experiences. Rather than make faulty assumptions, I’m just putting it out there:

Voting for the lesser of evils is one thing. Actively supporting a candidate based on solid representation is another. Do any NAC readers concerned with downtown redevelopment, code enforcement, smart growth, historic preservation, economic development, transportation or affordable housing feel that any local politician, Democrat or Republican, is taking the lead on those issues and publicly addressing them in a manner worthy of active support?

If so, would you please name that elected official, describe what strategies they’ve proactivley introduced to address those issues and explain why you support them?

In an effort to both reconstitute my own peace of mind and gauge the level of hope in the community, I’d really appreciate a response from friends, enemies and indifferents alike. There’s something to be learned here. I’m just not sure what it is yet.