Citizen radar guns and other things that we couldn’t possibly do.


This headline reminds us that there are cities and towns in America that are capable of conceiving creative solutions to nagging problems without using poverty and ignorance as excuses not to try and achieve results.

Residents aim radar guns at Carmel streets; Police-backed effort lets residents flag speedy scofflaws in residential areas, By Dan McFeely (The Indianapolis Star).

Speeding cars are the No. 1 complaint made to police in Carmel, home to subdivisions where moms push strollers, dads walk dogs and kids play on streets.

It’s a problem that extends far beyond Carmel, though.

Across the nation, communities from Pasadena, Calif., to Scottsdale, Ariz., suburban Atlanta to Appleton, Wis., have turned to citizen patrols to crack down on speeders.

It would be far more entertaining to aim handy army surplus bazookas at New Albany’s many boom cars.

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