News-Tribune publisher: “New Albany Council is giving city bad reputation.”


Apologies for yesterday’s absence, but my brewing company was one of two beer vendors for the first ever Ohio River Valley Folk Festival in Madison, Indiana. I spent the past two days working the riverside beverage tent while Mrs. Confidential strolled through the historic downtown, amassing notes and making comparisons.

It is assumed that most readers have visited Madison, but if not, you are advised to do so. It is a place less than an hour away from New Albany, and one where against all odds – owing to a combination of fortuitous geographical factors, out-of-the-box thinking and plain hard work – wonderful things are happening.

Meanwhile, back in New Albany, the local newspaper just took a mighty swing at a combative topic and sent it for a ride.

TUCKER: New Albany Council is giving city bad reputation; Voting down Bridgewater development is another mistake, by John Tucker, publisher of The Evening News & The Tribune.

After hearing that the council turned away a quality development that could have spurred on economic growth, I am now certain of their strategy – “Let’s wait right here. I’m sure money is going to fall from the sky at any moment and then we can grow.”

… the council once again validated their reputation of stagnation and dysfunction and sent a clear statement to the people of New Albany that if you want more of the same for New Albany while the rest of the area grows, wait right here with them.

Mr. Tucker quite possibly underestimates the staggering weight of “stagnation and dysfunction” that the current council brings to the table. I suggest use of the word “malevolence” as indicative of the condition gripping the right (i.e., wrong) side of the seating arrangement, where the Gang of Four sits in judgment of the city’s future – announcing that we’re in a terrible state, but not so terrible that we’d do anything about it.

Right on, John Tucker.

At long last, New Albany’s newspaper is getting it.