No politics — just good news in New Albany.


Yesterday’s good news that another downtown building has found a buyer is the latest in a series of positive developments for the city of New Albany as a whole.

The following three news items spotlight varying manifestations of progress toward preserving what we have and building a better community for the future.

Bid to save old Ritter home gets boost; Monsignor in St. Louis helping raise money, by Ben Zion Hershberg (The Courier-Journal; short shelf life for link).

Purdue plants seeds for crop of tech jobs; New Albany center to hold office space, classrooms by fall 2007, by Eric Scott Campbell (News-Tribune).

Parks Department gets Sports Center, by Chris Morris (News-Tribune).

At last evening’s “Preservation Conversation,” an attendee was overheard to say that the local elected officials most in need of the information presented at such gatherings are rarely in attendance.

Ain’t it true.

The “we can’t” crowd of congenital underachievers subsequently misses out on reality-based accounts of people and places that “can do,” as has been the case in Indianapolis with Fall Creek Place:

Fall Creek Place Homeownership Zone
Fall Creek Place