It’s a wonderful time not to be a Republican — right, Erik/Erika?


First, consider the plight of the illegitimate President G. W. Shrub, middling along at a 31% approval rating, and the governor of Kentucky, Ernie Fletcher, who was indicted today.

Then there’s the long overdue downfall of Indiana State Senator Robert Garton, the long-serving Soviet-style apparatchik, who was defeated in the recent primary election by – get this – a fundamentalist Christian who has gone on record to advocate public flogging as a Biblically acceptable method of dealing with miscreants.

Whoa. Winner Greg Walker of Columbus goes on to say that in spite of God’s approval for such methods, he hasn’t had to strike his own children because they’ve been properly respectful.

Over at Freedom of Speech, the gender-confused imposter has congratulated precinct committee winners of both parties, including one Edward Stoess.

Way to be right on top of things, Erik/Erika. Not much gets past you. Now try crunching the numbers on that one and see what it tells you about having a lot to learn.