A big week begins with a new time card.


On a variably stormy day that continues to typify the Ohio Valley’s schizophrenic springtime weather patterns, I’ve been scrawling memos, post-its and marching orders in preparation for a big week.

Prominent on the calendar is Monday evening’s first of two April city council meetings, and the inaugural neighborhood forum at the White House Center on Tuesday night.

More importantly, with the papers finally signed and the checks safely deposited, Monday marks the beginning of a new era for NA Confidential, as we take the first exciting step toward transforming this blog into a more comprehensive portal, one intended to better document the life and times of New Albania.

There couldn’t be a better time for it. As Randy “All4Word” Smith wrote today at Volunteer Hoosier:

We’ll be around to demonstrate (and prove) that those politicians are wrong. New Albany is progressive. The trogs are fighting a losing battle, and any politician who casts his or her lot with them will soon discover the mistake. For the forces for progress vastly outnumber the forces for the status quo. And the “troglobytes” seeking to roll back to a time that never existed pale in comparison to either of those.

Most of the anticipated changes at NA Confidential won’t be implemented until later this spring, but the truly important one comes on Monday morning; check back tomorrow for an important joint announcement.