Greenway Forum on Tuesday, Nov. 22 — time to take back this project from the internal combustion engine lobby?


Ann’s Diggin’ in the Dirt blog has the details:

Greenway Forum to be Held November 22 – it’s at 6:00 p.m. at the Grand.

To NA Confidential, the central Greenway question as the project pertains to New Albany is not that of access to it through the floodwall in the downtown district.

Rather, it’s the far more fundamental question of why automobile traffic must be accommodated at all.

We strongly feel that the plan for the Greenway should be revised (and the price tag considerably reduced) by removing automotive traffic from as much of the route as possible.

For the Greenway to connect with New Albany requires its passage over the creek that runs through Al Goodman’s Loop Island Wetlands. The existing superstructure of an old railroad trestle appears to be capable of refitting for the purpose of pedestrians and bicycles, but Greenway plans call for the construction of a multi-million dollar bridge.

It’s not only senseless, but it compromises the conceptual basis of the recreational Greenway to slash through an environmental area for the sake of the internal combustion engine – and those of us who appreciate the Loop Island Wetlands, and who exercise by walking or riding bicycles, need to make this known.

To be sure, the Greenway’s movers and shakers previously have complained of public detachment when it comes to meetings and forums. This apathy will have to be reversed, and Tuesday’s forum is as fine a place as any to start the process of making the Greenway make sense.

Write your opinions here, and bring them with you on Tuesday.