Recapping the Historic District Building Tour and Field Day, Part 3: Shrader Stables.


The Shrader Stables building, which we’re treating as the whole of two contiguous structures, is located on Main Street opposite the Scribner Place development. The Italianate buildings date from around 1875, with the larger left side originally an actual stable for horses, and the smaller structure to the right almost always in use as a tavern, most recently Shirl-Ray’s.

The city of New Albany now owns the buildings as part of the Scribner Place land acquisition deal, and their precise future use is uncertain at this time, City development officials are hoping that a buyer can be found who will utilize the buildings in a way that is complementary to Scribner Place. Here are views of the interior of the stables portion, first looking north, then south:

Ready to restore an old window?

Following is a view on the tavern side, with wainscotting below and plaster above, and some remnants of old wallpaper.

To reiterate, the purpose of the field day was to learn about ways to achieve rehabilitation while satisfying requirements for tax credits. These views provide some perspective on possible uses, and also on the expense required to restore these long neglected structures; as in the cases of all three buildings that were visited, interiors have long since been compromised with the objective of using the buildings as storage space or for industrial applications.

Still to come: The Baptist Tabernacle.