Tonight at Destinations Booksellers: “Preserve New Albany’s Older and Historic Neighborhoods — A Forum for Discussion and Action”


Here’s the information – hope to see you there.


Preserve New Albany’s Older and Historic Neighborhoods: A Forum for Discussion and Action.

Wednesday, May 11th 7:00 p.m.

Destinations Booksellers, 604 East Spring Street, New Albany

Many residents of New Albany are concerned about the long term sustainability and revitalization of older neighborhoods in the City’s core. Absentee landlords, deteriorated and vacant housing, and lack of code enforcement, among other issues, threaten efforts to rejuvenate the City’s older residential districts.

Creative, pro-active solutions are needed to combat the forces of urban decay. The first step in developing solutions is to establish dialogue among concerned citizens and groups and build strength in numbers.

In recognition of Historic Preservation Month, Historic Landmarks Foundation of Indiana invites you to an evening of open discussion and brainstorming. Destinations Booksellers will host this session aimed at developing a blueprint for action among the residents and organizations to promote the revitalization of New Albany’s urban core.

Anyone who has an interest in “old New Albany” is invited to discuss the issues they care most about on Wednesday, May 11, 7:00 p.m. Bring neighbors and friends — property owners and renters alike. Share your thoughts and ideas in this open forum designed to identify solutions and strategies to empower residents and active neighborhood associations to shape a positive future for their neighborhoods.

Possible topics include:

· Recognizing and promoting the physical assets of the neighborhood.

· Identifying the necessary partners and their roles in revitalization.

· Creating, if necessary, a local, non-profit historic preservation organization in New Albany and Floyd County.

· Partnering together to purchase and rehabilitate deteriorated buildings within neighborhoods.

· Examining strategies that other communities have used to address deteriorated and vacant housing, and more.

For more information, please call Historic Landmarks’ Southern Regional office, 812/284-4534 or email to

You may also contact Destinations Booksellers at 812/944-5116 or email to: