We note with pleasure that diplomatic recognition is a two-way street


In Sunday’s New Albany Tribune, Managing Editor Chris Morris gave himself a well-deserved pat on the back while surveying “Tribune land” and finding that the previous Sunday editorial concerning Mayor James Garner “sparked the interest of a few readers.”

Score points for Chris … two weeks running. His effort is noted and appreciated.

Along the way, Chris contributed a timely observation to the effect that a journalism teacher once told him that he’d be doing “his job right if readers couldn’t tell” if he were Republican or Democrat.

What followed caught me by surprise, because Chris proceeded to quote NA Confidential on the topic of his editorial, then alluded to our friendship, and finally added: “Unlike past editors of this paper, I believe Roger and I can dialogue, and disagree, without getting too personal. I appreciate the fact that he thinks enough of me that he will read my column.”

All I can say is right on, brother, and rest assured the same sentiment is offered in return. The newspaper and the Blog share a common interest in the city of New Albany, and dialogue between these entities as well as others of like mind can go far in defining who we are, where we’re going, and how we intend to get there.