Local journalism’s circulatory problems continue; first the C-J, now the ‘Bune


Our attention turns to this mysterious tip, as received via e-mail this morning:

“Dear NA Confidential,

“I know you open your local paper each Sunday in anticipation of something fine from the pen of Ms. Amany Ali. I know you truly expect to see change each week, but are more often than not disappointed.

“But the first six grafs of Sunday’s exercise are so rich in material that you simply must take your time in responding. We, your faithful readers, will understand if you deliberate. After all, it could be a tongue-in-cheek commentary.”

Intrigued and ever eager to oblige, I stepped onto my porch and scanned the steps and sidewalk for the Sunday Tribune, but alas, the newspaper was nowhere to be found.

At 9:00 a.m., I reported this to a helpful woman at the ‘Bune’s circulation department. She advised me that my “route was down,” which I took to be a tacit admission that the delivery boy sniffed way too much glue last evening, and added that a reserve carrier would have my paper delivered within the hour.

It’s now almost noon, and … perhaps echoing our Friday experience with the Louisville Courier-Journal, today’s Tribune may well have been delivered to Oldham County.

Please check back later for another installment of “Circulation: Bane of the Elderly and Local Newspapers.”