Is the Monday edition of the Tribune headed for redundancy?


NA Confidential has learned that production workers for the Jeffersonville Evening News and New Albany Tribune recently were told that distribution changes for both newspapers are just around the corner.

These changes would involve dropping the Monday editions of both newspapers, which would publish on Saturday, with the Evening News adding a Sunday edition to the mix.

It has been obvious for some time that the Monday edition of the New Albany Tribune is largely composed the previous week, spiced with sports news and deemed microwavable for Monday delivery.

NA Confidential professes less day-to-day knowledge of the Evening News, preferring to monitor it via the joint website of the two newspapers, both of which are printed at the Evening News’s Jeffersonville plant.

What are the implications for the production people? Advertisers? Are Monday’s news dispatches about to become a niche market for NA Confidential?

We’ll see.