Home cooking, New Albany style


Diana worked the polls at Pine View elementary school on Corydon Pike, which is an excellent WPA building dating back to the thirties.

She reports that one helper there informed her that Mayor Garner’s own precinct was the only one in New Albany to vote against him in 2003, when he was elected in a landslide over Regina Overton. Overton had done a fairly good job, but (it is said) annoyed many residents with her overbearing attitude. Translation: She was an uppity woman, and people here don’t like that.

You can be an uppity man like another ex-Mayor, Doug England, and get away with it; just recently, ex-mayor Doug got in trouble because he chased down a motorist, flashed a dime-store police badge and made threats that he later (when caught) felt awful about. However, if you’re female, they’ll run you out of town, like they did Overton.

She actually moved to Clark County following the loss.

Meanwhile, the poll worker explained Garner’s lack of success in his own neighborhood: “What would you expect? They know him there.”