Garner’s C-J letter an embarrassment to all New Albanians


I wrote to the Courier-Journal to express shame and dismay over the Mayor’s letter.

In his meandering, illogical and semi-literate letter to the editor of the Courier-Journal, New Albany’s Mayor James Garner achieved nothing so much as foolishly embarrassing himself and confirming the city’s long-held position as regional joke.

Does Garner really believe that a newspaper’s community obligation somehow does not extend to scrutinizing his abysmal personnel record since taking office?

Does Garner really believe that reducing an employee’s hours and denying him benefits somehow does not constitute a “demotion”?

Does Garner really believe that the citizens of New Albany will not stand for the Courier-Journal’s “lack of common decency,” but will somehow continue to tolerate a glacial learning curve that threatens to last for the duration of his mayoral administration?

After decades of frustration, throughout which you’d have been better off looking for forward thinking political leadership in North Korea than in New Albany’s City Hall, finally there are compelling reasons to believe that the goal of revitalizing New Albany’s persistently moribund downtown area may be within reach.

A progressive, articulate and charismatic mayor could do much to help this process along. Instead, we’re rewarded with more of the same tired, petty political games, this time artlessly played by a thin-skinned amateur who has nothing better to do than whine about “disrespect” from journalists doing their jobs.

New Albany does not need yet another genial and well-meaning figurehead to pose at flag raisings and Little League banquets. We need vision,aggressiveness and chutzpah. Judging from Mayor Garner’s pathetic letter, he’s completely, utterly overmatched.