LIVE TO EAT: Chef West’s cookout at the Pop-A-Top Tavern in Pekin on Saturday, July 20.


I know Jay West solely from social media, where we’ve had a few nice chats. He’s a chef from SoIn who was out of the restaurant game for almost 20 years, and now is working to get back into it.

As such, among other pursuits, he’s working in a consultative role with the Pop-A-Top Tavern in Pekin, Indiana (199 E State Road 60 in Pekin). I’m taking this to mean helping them up their food game.

Chef will be doing a few weekend cookout meet & greets at Pop-A-Top with a 35-ft-long open pit fire box, with a light run planned for Saturday, July 20th. If you’re in the vicinity, stop by and check it out.

Here’s the menu. Beer selection? Can’t help you there because I haven’t been, so readers, please give us a report if you attend.